Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus



Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) adalah suatu peralatan yang terdiri dari botol ( tabung ) bertekanan udara, penunjuk tekanan udara ( pressure gauge ), masker dan peralatan-peralatan pembawa. SCBA diisi dengan udara bebas sebagai peralatan bantu pernafasan.

Breathing Apparatus MSA BD 2100
300 bar/6.9 liters of carbon fiber gas cylinder with pressure gauge,
gas and more than 60 minutes ;
complies with European EN 136,EN 137 standards;
choose from a variety of additional features,the product can be upgraded;
flame-retardant fiber brace, fire polyester strap,suitable for
various harsh environment operations;
Choose a variety of mask and breathing valve can be used under
positive pressure or pressure
breathing. BD2000/ BD2100 MiNi type air respirator ? 3 G / 30 MPa with a
pressure gauge of the
carbon fiber bottles, small size, light weight, back wearing a
variety of ways, especially for confined
Breathing Apparatus
Merk : Jiang Bo , Hypro
Self-contained compressed air operated breathing apparatus
Product Data
1. Model: RHZK-5/ 30
2. Volume of air cylinder: 5L
3. Working pressre: 30Mpa
4. Air supply flow: e300L/ min
5. Alarm pressure: 4~ 6Mpa
6. Weight: d14kg( RHZK-5/ 30)
Priciple Components
1. Full face mask
2. air supply valve
3. pressure gauge and rest air warning system
4. pressure reducer
5. back support
6. compressed/Steel air cylinder

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