Sprinkler Concealed Pendent



Sprinkler Concealed Pendent adalah penyemprot semprotan kaca termosensitif kaca yang dirancang untuk dipasang pada sistem pipa tersembunyi dimana tampilan langit-langit halus diinginkan. Viking Mirage® Standard and Quick Response Tersumbat Pendent Sprinkler VK462 dan HP Sprinkler VK463.

Mirage Concealed Pendent
Theared Size : 1/2″ (15mm)
Dimension inch : 2-1/16:ID. x 3-1/16:O. D.
Minimum Flow
~ One Springkler : 30 GPM (113.6 LPM)
~ Two Springkler : 21 GPM (79.5 LPM)
Area Of Coverage : FT 20′ x 20′ M 6.2 x 6.2
Tempelature : F° : 155° C° : 68°
Base And Cover
The base element easily accommdates the approprite
Viking splingkler and orients the sprinkler ia ceiling
opening. The Silhouette’s unique covr simply snaps
onto the splinkler deflector by a heat-sensitive memory
metal clip which releases during fire.
The Silhouette Splinkler can be used with 1/2″ or 7/16″
(residental only) prifice splinklers and is available in
5 standart or 840 custom colors.

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